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My name is Hubert Kroczek and I welcome you on “HK International Consulting” web page.
I would like to tell you something about me.
I was born in Katowice in a typical -for that time- coalmining Silesian family.
I graduated at Silesian University of Technology (Gliwice - Poland) and at Internationales Hochschulinstitut Zittau (Germany). Then I started my carrier in REHAU AG + Co that hired me for a Trainee Program held in Germany and UK first, later assigned me to a sales-related position, and finally to production planning activities.
After this first experience, I managed some mid-size German companies in Poland, and in 2008 I started to work in consulting business.
Procurement and supply chain became my domain of expertise, since I cooperated for 12 years with Kloepfel Consulting Group, one of the biggest European multinational procurement consulting companies.
In those years, I successfully implemented several cost optimization projects for customers operating in different countries and industries - just to mention a few: Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, Furniture, Food and Beverage, Retail, White Goods, and Pharmaceutical.
My last job experience was in Czech Republic as Vice President Supply Chain in AERO Vodochody Aerospace, an aircraft producer operating in both civil and military domains.
Through all these years, I have had the opportunity to work all-around Europe, gaining a real international experience, differentiating my portfolio of expertise and establishing long-term relationships with several professionals operating in different industries.
As last challenge for my professional career, I decided to create my own consulting company, “HK International Consulting”, offering assistance on procurement services, expansion services and interim management.
Our aim is to support you in achieving your targets in the most efficient and satisfactory way, providing you with a highly qualified team.

Looking forward to a successful cooperation, I send you my best wishes for your businesses.

Best regards,
Hubert Kroczek
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After 20 years of challenges on international market, more than 50 satisfied clients, operating in different industries – Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, Furniture, Food and Beverage, Retail, White Goods, Pharmaceutical, and others - I decided to open my own consulting company to play the game following my rules, with the team that I think suits better my working philosophy.
Skilled, experienced, international, open-minded people, these are the profiles that I have chosen for my team. Professionals always ready to do their best to support clients in achieving their targets.
We firmly believe that for successful cooperation with clients, 5 elements need to be rightly mixed:

People, Efficiency, Sustainability, Transparency, Creativity
People are core assets to succeed in consulting activities, both on HK and client side. In fact, to achieve good results consultants need to cooperate with customers teams, having good communication skills and appropriate channels.
Our customer target is our target; we are all running toward the same objective.

Get to the point, sharply, rapidly and efficiently. Our target-oriented approach is based on prioritization of needs, pragmatic attitude, agile mindsets and deep knowledge of the subject. Having right people, on the right project, at the right moment, indeed, helps HK to achieve the target in the most efficient way: optimizing time and costs.

We believe in the business that we support, and this is why we always advice durable solution. Winning matches is important but getting the cup at the end of the championship is what every team wishes, and this is what we work for. There are no projects successfully closed that are against a long-term vision of the business and that leads to an unsustainable solution.

There is no cooperation without trust. This is why we believe that honesty and transparency are essential to establish good relations with our clients. Business ethic is a core value for HK partners, who can praise throughout all of their careers fairness and integrity.

Thinking out of the box allows us to propose our clients innovative ways to achieve their objectives. Having dealt with different industries and companies of different sizes gives us the opportunity to draw strategies from a variegated portfolio of experiences and provides us with the chance to propose creative problem solving approaches. Eventually, in digital era it is impossible to forget about technology and the positive impact that it can have on our ideas, making them not only creative but in perfect coherency with economy 4.0 requirements.

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